UV Surface Treatment

AquiSense Technologies’ range of Pearl Surface and Lab products has been designed specifically to revolutionize the way you disinfect surfaces.

Our line of UV-C (ultraviolet) LED surface disinfection products is designed specifically for surface treatment. From disinfecting surfaces and PPE equipment in hospitals to personal items such as car keys and smartphones, the PearlSurface and PearlLab range can be used to meet any need.


What is a surface treatment?

Surface treatment is the means of disinfecting a surface with an array of UV-C LEDs to either reduce or destroy harmful bacteria and pathogens that might be present.

If surfaces are left untreated, it can lead to harmful and even deadly growth of pathogens. In order to reduce and destroy these harmful bacteria, AquiSense Technologies’ range of PealSurface and PearlLab use UV-C LEDs to expose a surface to a wavelength that is able to reduce and destroy pathogens.

How does it work?

Disinfecting a surface with UV-C LED is easy to do with the PearlSurface and PearlLab range.

Simply and safely, expose the surface or equipment to the UV-C LEDs at a specific wavelength to target harmful bacteria and in a matter of seconds, the intensity of the UV-C LED light will significantly reduce and destroy the bacteria that is present on the surface.

Unlike mercury lamps, our range of PealSurface and PearlLab surface disinfectors does not use harmful mercury meaning it is more energy-efficient and safer to use. With instant on/off capabilities, there is no wait time for the LEDs to warm up and zero heat transfer.

The PearlSurface offers UV-C LED benefits for surface disinfection:

  • Instant On/Off

  • Low Power Consumption

  • Lead-Free

  • No Chiller Needed

  • Mercury-Free

  • No Heat Transfer

  • Selectable Wavelength

  • Configurable Layout