Residential UV-C LED System

AquiSense PearlAqua Deca

The PearlAqua Deca ia s cutting-edge water disinfection solution that harnesses the power of UV-C LED technology. Specially crafted for Point-of-Entry applications, this revolutionary system safeguards your entire home from harmful microorganisms. Say goodbye to the need for chemicals or potentially hazardous materials such as mercury vapour lamps. Achieve unparalleled disinfection with PearlAqua Deca.


• PearlAqua Deca offers a whole home UV-C LED disinfection system, providing greater than 99.99% pathogen reduction without harmful materials.
• Features include UV Intensity monitoring, instant on/off disinfection and no hot water shot for advanced treatment of your home’s water.
• Efficient LED technology cuts down energy consumption and requires only power when water is flowing.
• Low maintenance with a 5-year lamp replacement interval and reduced mineral fouling.
• Dynamic Power Control provides optimum performance across all flow rates, resulting in lower energy bills.
• Certified by a 3rd party laboratory in accordance with US EPA drinking water guidelines.